Posted By: Sheri (May 5, my birthday...) on 'English'
Title:     Highlander Series Catalog
Date:      Wed May 12 20:53:42 1999

The very popular telvision series called "The Highlander" has its own web 
site available.  While "The Highlander" is not on our local television, their 
catalogs are available.  

Their web address is:

While they do not do international sales, if you order and give them a credit 
card number, have the items shipped to a US address, the person in the states 
can mail it to you.  I have done this for flower sales and catalog sales. I 
would be happy to do it for you too. 

There are five seasons available:  
Each season has 11 videos, each video has 2 episodes on it.
The cost per season is $169.00, however they go on sale once in awhile.

Just thought you would like to know.

The show that has replaced, and poorly so, was The Crow.  We watch this series 
every weekend.

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