Posted By: Sheri (Prah2Hostel@#211EnglishBd) on 'English'
Title:     Racism
Date:      Mon May  3 03:22:32 1999

It never ceases to amaze me that people feel they have to be better or feel 
better than anyone else.  Our blood is the same colour and born without 
clothes.  All just as vulnerable as the next in our journey through life.

Perhaps the confusion lays in the word compete.  Is it competing against 
our own self esteem or against another's self esteem that moves us to think 
we are better than another?  Why do we feel the need to compete with our self 
esteem?  Is it bred into humanity?  It is a fluke of nature?  Did God want us 
to discover our own self worth by measuring it against someone else?

I question if it's truly the colour of the skin, how we live (ie other 
cultures, and sub cultures in our socieity, example being gypsies in 
CR/blacks in ours.)  What makes us measure the colour of our skin when in 
fact many of us would pay much money just to get the same tan some were born 

Have we become a "skin deep" world?  What the hell does the colour of 
someone's skin have to do with a computer whiz that fixes my computer, paints 
my house, serves the food, does the lawn?  Is their skin colour going to make 
them a better whiz, painter, host, or gardener?

I have to also question where those that think they are better get that 
feeling if there is something missing in their own lives?  What void do they 
have they can justify by demeaning/belittling/talking down about another?
Is it truly a question of race or the easy obvious targets?  Would it matter 
the skin colour, the nationality, their religious belief?  If there is a void 
any reason will do.


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