Posted By: Sheri (NewHolidayNews@EnglishBd.) on 'English'
Title:     Alarms sounded, people are waking up
Date:      Sun Apr 25 13:47:07 1999

to a crisis they had to see coming..

As a parent and one of those "baby boomer" eras I have always been alarmed at 
the change in our value system in this country.

If a movie isn't filled with sex, violence, and bad politicians our children 
are being conditioned to hate, rather than loving individuals.  Much of what 
they see today takes their sensitivity away and puts in a much more tolerate 
picture of the negative things that happen around and to them.

Being of the baby boomer era, born in the 50s.. we were taught that kissing 
at the end of the date was ok, anything more than that had to happen as a 
result of a strong moral relationship.  How many of you know what a date is 
anymore?  Dating/Courting use to be a sign that a man was interested in you 
more than just a casual relationship.  

What has led it to where we are today?  I don't think any one thing did.  I 
think it's a total of many things.  Do to higher prices, the role women take 
other than being a mother, the lack of proper parent supervision and skills, 
the list goes on.. I believe it isn't just one factor but all that are 
changing the way people see themselves and their community.

While you could pend hours watching and wondering how it happened or question 
why it happened, I think enough of us "baby boomers" who are parents now 
should be sharpening their skills and not be affraid to set rules and limits 
with our children and ourselves.

Sure we all saw it happen but how many of us stopped it?  Now how do we turn 
it around so the children of today can see there is a world with some trust, 
truth, and love in it?

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