Posted By: Sheri (NewHolidayNews@EnglishBd.) on 'English'
Title:     How DOES music
Date:      Fri Apr 23 13:40:09 1999

affect us?  I think as I said in my last post.. IMHO - Music does affect our 
sensitivity to humanity and self worth.  The example I choose is a real life 

My nephew and his best friend were playing a nyntendo game.  My nephew quit 
to read the list of games they could be playing while his best friend 
continue playing against the game.  His friend was beating the player up.  
Because he had been brutal about it, my nephew took it personally and side 
kicked his best friend.  While this may seem funny you can see it does have 
an affect on people, just as music does.

There is a saying here "Music soothes the savage beast."  If some types of 
music soothes the savage beast I do believe it can unrest some too.  I do not 
lay the blame on the music though.  I think it takes a certain person to 
appreciate Manson's kind of art, and I use that word losely.  By the time 
they get into this "art", I think they are already having serious problems. 

How does music affect your life? 

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