Posted By: Sheri (NewHolidayNews@EnglishBd.) on 'English'
Title:     Re: high school masacre yesterday
Date:      Fri Apr 23 13:28:25 1999

Were others involed?  Is there any doubt?

20 pound (9 kg) bombs and 30 pound (14 kg)?!?!

They are claiming their choice of music may have something to do with it.
Marilyn Manson.. I say it's the other way around.. Anyone that would listen to 
this type of music, doesn't need Manson.. they are already gone. ;-)

Manson has a concert in my city soon.  Parents are trying to petition, keep 
Manson from playing in our city.  That won't happen because of the contract 
Five Seasons concert building has with them.  I don't see nearly as many 
ticket or record sales happening.  I'm still trying to figure why Manson would 
come to a majorly Country Style city like Cedar Rapids.

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