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Title:     Re: high school masacre yesterday
Date:      Thu Apr 22 03:20:01 1999

Thanks for posting this.. Colorado seems to be the state at this time to see 
much violence.  Texas is one of the biggest crime centres in our country.

Regarding the young teens involved in the killings at the school.  It has 
been suggested that it was the birthday of the white supreme rulership of 
Hitler.  These are also teens that were already outcasts of the school.  I do 
believe there were more than just minorities killed, some with more than 
seven shots in their chests.

This suggests several things.. first, they may have been racists, second they 
maybe killers/sick, third they were social outcasts and part of a bigger 
group that aided these two teenagers.  They did arrest others that were 
involved also.

I too hate violence and abuse on others.  The bad guys, the news reporters, 
and yes even the president echoed the disbelief of so many.  I'm not sure why 
they disbelieve it as long as our society stays the way it is, it will only 
perpetuate (grow).  I am also not surprised that through all this there is 
such denial that our society didn't have anything to do with it when in fact, 
our societiy is one of the causes.

I have been taught that how we train our children has much to do with the way 
this ended.  With no hope for almost 2 dozen people.  The hope lays in our 
understanding that violence has become embedded in our socital ways since the 
beginning of time.  By no means has this crecendoed.  It will continue to get 
louder and higher and more used in our society til the inevitable (sure 
outcome), that our society will eventually kill each other off.  Not only 
with physical death but with mental and social and spiritaul death.  I have 
yet to figure out why anyone is surprised or shocked to see it.  Just as with 
the people leaving Kosovo.

In regards to the president.  I have a problem with a president that uses 
this kind of disasterous situation to come on the television and start with 
it leading into his budget sessions.  I feel this was very incensitive and he 
is an opportunist using the killings and pain of others to promote his budget 
plan.  This has happened throughout all my lifetime.  I am not surprised.

Regarding guns and how we use them.  If our goal is to protect ourselves, to 
hunt it's understandable for the need for them.  The concern I have is using 
it to help others.  While I know your intent is good, I'm not in total 
agreement that you should stop another's actions with the use of a gun.  
Often misunderstanding of a situation and danger involved by pulling a gun on 
others can lead to a sure death not only for the perpitrator, the victim, but 
to yourself as well.  Many that own a gun take a moment in hesitating, the 
moment the bad guy uses to gain control.

I believe that while a gun maybe seen as a way to protect, it can also be a 
source of false security, thus the reason for MUCH training in the use and 
abuse of a hand gun/rifle/shotgun.

Regarding the teens that used heavy artilery.  They used hand granades.  I 
have to ask.. where did they get military type weapons?  I have not heard 
much news regarding the granades or who may have supplied them.  If I was 
fearful in this situation, I would have to wonder who's still out there that 
allowed these grandades to get into the wrong hands.

To those that may question.. is this the end of the world coming as 
supposedly foretold?  I have to ask.. isn't this bad enough, you should want 

> It's horrible ...
> Two (17,18 y. old guys) had killed 13 peoples.. why ? ...They celebrated 
> (probably) 110 years after A. Hitler's a father I can't 
> realize that moment I went to the school and saw my child dead...
> The two 'gunmens' were found dead of self-inflicted gunshots...and were 
> members of "Thench coat mafia" - approx. 8-10 students of this school weared
> black trench coats every day, maybe armored ...
> and spokesman of Police said bombs and many of founded explosives were made
> with components that could have come from any hardware store and 
> of well known chemicals. 
> I'm an owner of a gun (.45 ACP). And hate any form of violence or abusement.
> Everyone I asked for his meaning I'm owning a gun has told me I must be
> crazy 
> and really have to kill someone (with 100% possibilty).
> If, if I ever see any violence, not at all to my family but everywhere else 
> or to someone else I promise I use my gun....
> And Bill Clinton has taken one minute of silence for victims and their 
> families. Take it so, please.
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