Posted By: znouza (- Armored Pilsener -) on 'English'
Title:     high school masacre yesterday
Date:      Wed Apr 21 20:58:15 1999

It's horrible ...

Two (17,18 y. old guys) had killed 13 peoples.. why ? ...They celebrated 
(probably) 110 years after A. Hitler's a father I can't 
realize that moment I went to the school and saw my child dead...
The two 'gunmens' were found dead of self-inflicted gunshots...and were 
members of "Thench coat mafia" - approx. 8-10 students of this school weared 
black trench coats every day, maybe armored ...
and spokesman of Police said bombs and many of founded explosives were made
with components that could have come from any hardware store and 
of well known chemicals. 

I'm an owner of a gun (.45 ACP). And hate any form of violence or abusement. 
Everyone I asked for his meaning I'm owning a gun has told me I must be crazy 
and really have to kill someone (with 100% possibilty).

If, if I ever see any violence, not at all to my family but everywhere else 
or to someone else I promise I use my gun....

And Bill Clinton has taken one minute of silence for victims and their 
families. Take it so, please.

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