Posted By: Sheri (Please_ReadEnglishBdY2K) on 'English'
Title:     Re: Quiz
Date:      Wed Apr 14 21:53:18 1999

I do I do.. ;-)  My brian's been on hold for a week though.. ;-)
I know excuse excuse.. ;-)  Logically you would think it was the man you 
talked of that had water.  I knew that wasn't the answer.  It was too much 
work for my tiny brain.. ;-)

Give the guy a blue ribbon .. she pins the ribbon on Vik.

> Hi,
> finally some answer.And this answer , German keep fish as a pet, is right.
> But I use for solution Pen, paper and Brain v.1.0(freeware).
> How many users read this board, I was prepared for kbytes of mails and
> posts.
> Maybe next time.
>          Arkie
>           ** Soy un hombre muy honrado, que me gusta lo mejor... **
>                              ...vlastne ani moc ne.

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