Posted By: Sheri (Please_ReadEnglishBdY2K) on 'English'
Title:     Does anyone else? 
Date:      Sun Apr  4 03:29:21 1999

see the heat of the moment.. like I am seeing tonight in our world?  There is 
a blanket of doom over the world tonight.  Will all go down tomorrow?  Will 
they stop the fighting?  Does he even think he's got a chance now that most 
of his shield is gone?  The irony, they could put prisoners in some of the 
bildings we are bombing and we are doing it for them.. What a sick thought.. 

Sometimes I am overwhelmed at the heavies of this world.  War, famines, 
hurricanes and tornadoes, etc.  There is some pretty heavy .. ahem.. stuff 
going down right now.  

When will people see that we are all on the same world.  We all will have to 
come to a reasonable agreement for all areas of this world.  Humanity is once 
again becoming the Soddem and WE are the Gamora (please forgive spelling).

Human kind has seen to itself that it wipes itself out.. Take a look around 
you.. it's a little frightening these days.  Humanity's ability to think is 
going to get him into trouble... ;-)

How to best resolve it?  We all stop one day at a time.

Get it started.

Sometimes one person's compassion is another's security blankey.

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