Posted By: Sheri (Please_ReadEnglishBdY2K) on 'English'
Title:     Re: NATO pages
Date:      Sat Apr  3 20:44:33 1999

If you are referring to the Melissa Virus.. They have caught the 30 year old 
computer nerd that had been working for one of the companies and able to get 
into all the records.. I think he will be seeing jail walls for a very long 
time.  They followed it all the way back through a bogus account in AOL.
He's out on a $100,000.00 bond.. which means someone had to pay  10% of 
$100,000.00 for him to be free til court.  He can still be on the internet.  
Make YOU wonder too? 

NATO's homepage is sooo jammed I'm very surprised anyone knew it was there.  I 
have to wonder if this isn't part of a bigger plan?  Insanity... 

> has anybody heard about hacking of NATO homepage?
> is there some information on the web?
> help please, I can't find it:-(
>                                          raduza meduza mahulena

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