Posted By: Sheri (Please_ReadEnglishBdY2K) on 'English'
Title:     It's great to see
Date:      Thu Apr  1 22:19:32 1999

the coming year with so many years.  We shall drink to this next year in many 
of our lives.
I have to wonder.. were these people reading my posts in english board?  
There is so much going on in all our worlds.. 

(R)Lebe        (R)warthog     (R)Tomeek      (R)Trifid      (R)Niki
(m)Sheri       (M)misicka     ( )chemik      (T)audry       (R)Karby
( )Vally       (R)Trhan       (T)Georgex     (R)vn          (R)LuEn
(R)Stauf       (R)Mape        (m)Wizzy       (R)MARAvip     (m)lubosek

Happy and hard times may come.. With friends, you have all the support you 
could possibly want.  It's when people unite for a good healthy cause.. they 
grow healthy.. Who of all the war mongers would care if there was health?  So 
what's the cause now.. health, peace, arbitrary board?

It's when people can come together and enjoy the joy when people do.  It's 
something that totally outweighs all the heavy hearts and minds.  To see 
smiles, watching others watch, getting to know others, getting to put others 
in the same piece of mind.. we have a grand time.

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