Posted By: Sheri (Comin' 2 CR June 9th) on 'English'
Title:     Y2K aka Year 2000 Thousand
Date:      Thu Apr  1 22:11:03 1999

People are so nervous at what will happen at that time.  Are they keeping 
focus on how it's affecting our today?  If we are to have but another year, 
let's give it the best we have towards something positive rather than 
fighting each other for each other's space.. man, such a waste of good human 

Who could I say that to that would matter?  She opens both her hands to the 
world.  The person next to me?  Across the street?  Half way around the 
world?  How small is our world truly getting to be that total self 
destruction is the path to go?  My heart pours out to all that seem to think 
a bullit/hard word/bad look, all of humanity ... Sometime humanity needs to 
take a good hard look at what it really is and means to people.. The very 
uniqueness seemed to be the balance not the wall that makes people fear for 
their very shells of their lives.

This is humanity?  I call it insanity.

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