Posted By: Sheri (Comin' 2 CR June 9th) on 'English'
Title:     domestic policy....
Date:      Thu Apr  1 21:27:45 1999

I feel very proud to be a part of many lives here on Liane and in Czech 
Republic.  My heart is very heavy for those that can not live a healthy day 
today.  War times, mistreatment of people, neighbor fighting neighbor, your 
neighbor your enemy?  It's soooo sad. 

While people are TAKEN prisoner, all are prisoners of the outcome this 

We will be the ones left and how are we going to handle it?  If this is the 
example of the answer.. why not just put a gun to all our heads.. it's not 
going to be worth dealing with once it becomes a way of life.. to die earlier.

Will we stand together?  We will see times when people can come together as 
groups, friends meeting every year.. 

Amazing.. Wallstreet and caputred soldiers will not stop the right times in 
this life.

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