Posted By: vik () on 'English'
Title:     Re: High Speed :-)
Date:      Wed Sep 29 19:12:55 1999

> Just a few things to point out...
> 1. It's a common myth that people in the USA keep to their 65mph... not
> true. 
> I saw a few going over 100 and most people did 15-20 over the limit :-) 

  In fact, it is quite dangerous to drive at speed of 30 mph in 35 mph zone 
because all the other drivers go at least 45 mph.  

  And I personally think that this is how the speed limits are made up. Cops 
estimate the reasonable speed for the zone and subtract 15 mph, so that the 
people don't go faster than that.

  Also - it never happened to me to get stopped for speeding, although I am 
sure that several times I got scanned by a cop, I was going at least 5-10 
mph above the limit.


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