Posted By: Sheri (Comin' 2 CR June 9th) on 'English'
Title:     Yugoslovia
Date:      Sun Mar 28 15:50:06 1999

Air Commandore David Wilby Shape Spokesman and Nato Spokesman Jamie Shea are 
being interviewed on CNN 14:00 Czech time. 

60 planes bomb at least 16 places, one plane goes down (pilot saved) preparing 
to go to phase two.

Talks with the former Masadonia and other prime ministers have been taking 

We are on the edge of a civilian disaster.  25 % of the population have fled 
the area.  In the past few days 50,000 have refugeed to Albania.  In the past 
hour 8 - 10,000 have fled.  Most that have fled are women and children, 
stripped of all identity so they aren't able to go back.  Where are the older 
teens and men?

Paramilitary units, out of control groups are killing entire villages.  Many 
professionals have died due to these out of the control groups.

Once this is over there will be consequences to the units and their 
commanders in the courts.

Nato Spokesman, Jamie Shea says after many attempts to a stop the actions, 
this has to be done to avoid the biggest catastrophe in Europe.

The czech journalist asked.. entering phase two, has phase one gotten rid of 
much of the risk going into the country? 

Phase two is now starting. Very little given due to the security involve  
Phase 2 of operations will include military locations was the only small 
offering they gave us. 

The question is "how to stop the violence?".  Stopping the tanks, military in 
the field is a start.   

To save the most amount of people, the fastest speed is necessary.. 

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