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Title:     Driving and high speeds...
Date:      Mon Sep 27 04:07:36 1999

Thanks for contributing guys.. 

Avatar and I have driven the motorways together.. I have to confess, I made 
sure I slept most of the way.  Not because of his driving, but my lack of 
being behind the wheel and not having the control... well that's not totally 
true.. ;-)

I think an accident can happen no matter the age or experience.  While I have 
been driving 29 years, there is no guarentee no matter how conservative I 
drive, watchful I am, there are many variables that make up an accident.

Regarding age.  Statistics and my own personal experiences show that age is a 
variable which is different for each person.  I also know that while I am not 
20, I'm not 80 either.  I can sometimes get distracted by things along the 

I think part of the problem is a false sense of security that is in all of us.
The power that we have at our fingertips isn't seen til there's something 
that changes our perspective and respect for the power we are responsible for. 
That's why it is vital to be totally aware of what's going on around us while 
we drive.

One of the things my teacher taught me was not to fidget with the dials.  
Never take your eyes off the others around you.  Let someone else do the 
radio tuning, the lighter, the heat dials.  If you MUST change them, stop and 
adjust them, then continue.

I have to repeat something I'll keep saying... I don't believe it's the 
nation you are in that makes the difference as much as your common sense and 
awareness of the conditions around you.

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