Posted By: CePal (no to jsem ja, PavelC) on 'English'
Title:     Drivin'
Date:      Wed Sep 22 16:28:49 1999

the safety, die and other statistics is not a matter of keeping the law 
regulation or the absolute speed...

The problem is in ourselves - how much are we responsible, what do we think of 
the others ont he road ("f**k all the slow sh*ts", "I AM THE KING here" etc. 
but also "lalala what a nice day, blue sky and .... oops where did that 
turning come from?" etc.)...

My teacher in the driver-school(?) told me once: "You drive safe but you do 
not take account of some crazy driver hitting you."

And one more factor: the EXPERIENCE

ond others: the age (elder ppl have a _VERY_ slow reactions etc.), the mood, 
the concentration of the river, how much the drive knows the road, the 
weather conditions, daytime, season, tyreness etc.etc. 

So if I go 150 mph in one bit of the road on the South of our country I may 
go safe, but some other person going 35mph may be very dangerous... (either 
if he is not drunk or so)

(I also had an accident in the speed of about 2 mph :-) 

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