Posted By: Horyna (Nejsem ze Zeleneho udoli) on 'English'
Title:     Re: Driving speeds...
Date:      Mon Sep 20 08:20:36 1999

Hi all !

I have to say I can compare both nations. Germans(Bayern) and US citizens 
(most of all New Yorkers, Rhod Islanders, Massachusetters). 
To consumption:
It is widely known that US aren't thumb-screwed to save anything. Their cars 
aren't so economized how it is usually in Europe. And US citizens don't want 
to save. For example: two neighbours work for the same company. They start and 
finish their work at the same time. But it is impossible to go to the work 
Germans on the other side use more economized cars, but their motorways don't 
use any speed limits, so they drive more speedily and the consumption is 

To safety:
Both nations drive more safety than in the Czech Republic. But with respect 
to laws americans drive more safety than Germans. (To stop all trafic because 
of yellow school bus stopping ....??) I was suprised at behaviour of drivers 
on motorways in the USA. No one was driving like crazy and everybody was 
keeping the speed limit 65 mph.

Bye  Horyna

Do budoucna preji ALLES GUTE !

                                HORYNA v.r.

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