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Title:     Driving speeds...
Date:      Mon Sep  6 06:33:19 1999

Interesting post Avatar.. 

There have been many articles in the papers these days talking of drinking and 
driving, speeding, etc.  One interesting article I saw was about how people 
drive due to their feeling of little to no control over most of their lives.  

It is starting to feel like the Indy 500 races when I am on the track, I mean 
motorway. ;-)  In our city centre, the speed is 55mph (miles per hour).  A 
snail's pace compared to the 70+ mph you normally see. 

Most would think the country is a safe place to drive at fast speeds.  They 
forget the deer, hard shelled animals in some areas of the country, and other 
varments of the south, east, west and north.

The worst driver on the road, the driver that lost his/her common sense a mile 
back.. ;-) 

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