Posted By: JiMo (I'm flyiiiiiiing!!!!!!!!!) on 'English'
Title:     Re: What language? :)
Date:      Fri May 23 14:51:19 2008

> "Capercaillie have been credited with being the major force in bringing
> Celtic  music to the world stage, and their unique fusion of Gaelic culture 
> and contemporary sound has always stretched boundaries in their quest to keep
> the music evolving."

Great. And now something a bit harder - is here someone who can translate 
from that? :)

...dite tak dlouho posloucha, jak mu vsichni rikaji ta-ta, ta-ta, ta-ta,
    az se nastve a rekne "tata".
([driv tady byla signatura, kterou stejne asi uz nikdo nechapal])

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