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Title:     Re: please help mey
Date:      Tue Mar  2 13:26:53 1999

> stredni = average
> stredni = centraL
> stredni = central
> stredni = halfway
> stredni = intermediate
> stredni = intermediate
> stredni = medial
> stredni = median
> stredni = mid
> stredni = middle
> stredni (druheho stupne, skola) = secondary

It still seems to me, that even from this dictionary entry the only one that 
can be applied to school (and is also metioned so) is secondary. The rest of 
4~the words is 'stredni', but in other meanings of the Czech word. You  
wouldn't use halfway scholl, either, I guess. :-) 
> > > average/central/middle school of electronics.
> >   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > I have never heard any of these words as a type of school. I'd use
> secondary
> > 
> > (in Britain) or high (in the States) school of ...
> > 
> > > sheri beams in pride.. how's that everyone? ;-)
> > > I cheated.. I used my dictionary.. 
> > 
> > Did you? I'd like to see that dictionary. :-) But I naturally don't say I 
> > don't make mistakes - perhaps you're right... Any natives that could help?
> > 
> hmmmm.. I care that I'm accuracte, not so much right.  Now that you have the

Accurateness is OK, but not always the best you can do in traslating. By just 
putting words with certain meaning one after another you don't always get a 
correct tranlation. One example from many: English "to give up" is far from 
Czech "davat nahoru", even though the individual words would suggest so.

> address to the dictionary, you can decide for yourself.  It doesn't take a 
> native to read this dictionary, in my humble opinion. 

Of course not for reading a dictionary, but for finding out, what is used in a 
language and what is not, a native is a perfect arbiter. 
> > myself
> Sheri


Who is myself? No prece Ja! :-)
Na pamatku jedne z mych nejoblibenejsich pohadkovych postav, krale Ja I.

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