Posted By: intuition (I love sunsets...) on 'English'
Title:     Re: OALD on CD-ROM
Date:      Tue Feb 23 21:39:39 1999

> I was lucky enough to get this CR-ROM... it's Oxford Advanced Learner's 
> Dictionary. I can strongly recommend it to you. It's a fantastic and
> powerful 
> tool if you're doing a language research, studying complicated materials or 
> anything, where you have to use a dictionary quite often. 
Can you make a copy of this CD for me? I need some very badly. I bought a 
dictionary on cd-rom a few months ago but it's just a piece of crap - it uses 
80 megs of space on the cd and has got only 6000 (!!!) words. Gosh what a 
waste of money... Do you have any problem with breaking the copyright?

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