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Damn... pressed wrong key by accident :-)

My comments on FCE: the test consists of five parts - interview, writing, 
reading, use of English and listening. It is on a higher level than our 
graduation exam in English (maturita). You are required to be familiar with 
intermediate grammar (use of tenses, basic phrasal verbs etc.). Your range of 
vocabulary should be at intermediate or upper-intermediate level.

Level 4 - CAE - Certificate in Advanced English
...indicates a high level of competence in English for candidates entering, or 
already in, the working world. It is also recognized by the majority of 
British universities as fulfilling entrance requirements in English language.

My comments on CAE: This exam really requires 'advanced English'. You must be 
able to tackle all the grammar tasks with consistent accuracy, be familiar 
with even not-so-used grammar etc. Strong knowledge of phrasal verbs and 
idioms is essential here. Your vocabulary should be at advanced level (wonder 
why? :-). 

Level 5 - CPE - Certificate of Proficiency in English the longest estabilished and highest language-only qualification in this 
series. It indicates a level of cempetence which is recognized as fulfilling 
entrance reqs in English language by British universities and many 
universities in other English-speaking countries, and by other institutions 
of higher education and professional bodies world-wide.

My comments on CPE: First and foremost, look up what the word 'proficiency' 
means :-) There isn't almost anything new in grammar section (compared to CAE 
exam, of course :-) However, your range of vocabulary should be VAST... 
vocabulary, phrases and idioms are the cornerstone of CPE exam. Reading 
section consists of articles full of unknown words and difficult questions 
checking how far you understood this and this. Excellent writing skills are 
required in both CPE and CAE.

I'll post more details (price, date, place etc.) sometime later :-)

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