Posted By: Sheri (FunReadin,Last2PostsEngBd) on 'English'
Title:     Sheri celebrates...
Date:      Sat Feb 20 17:32:09 1999

As of 13 hours from now, I will have not smoked for 7 days... my first week 
birthday.. YES..

I'm by no means safe from my addiction.  While people seem to think I'm very 
calm looking, inside I'm shaking very much.  The patch certainly works if you 
want to stop bad enough. 

There are many things to consider before you try to stop smoking.  As this 
isn't my first time quitting this addiction or others, I know I have to want 
this soooo bad I would be willing to get down on my knees and be humbled by 

Think about why you smoke.
When do you smoke?
What are some eating habits that come before lighting the cigarettes?
Staying away from caffines helps in keeping your heartbeat and your 
anxiety levels down. 
Are you uncomfortable being around smokers during withdrawals?
How can you rid yourself of the smell of smoke from your clothes, mouth, hair, 
What can you eat or drink to cut the withdrawals down.
How long does the withdrawals last?

As you can see, it's not just a matter of stopping the cigarettes.  There are 
many issues you might want to consider to SUCCESSFULLY stop smoking.

Remember this, if you do not quit this time, the more times you try, the 
easier they get cause you know what's involved.  This is the first time I 
have gotten this far.  I didn't know when I started it this time, your lungs 
go numb when you add the smoke to your lungs.  The lungs are emptying but 
they feel there's a rock in the bottom of them.  This is a healthy feeling 
but it makes me want to cough lots.

Dreams and other behaviors will change during this time.  As you can see, I'm 
having very vivid memorable ones.  Eating may increase, you may feel like 
your feet are tripping over your tongue, you may say things that aren't what 
you thought to say.. your tongue's going one way, your thoughts another, 
somewhere between your brain, your fingers, your tongue it loses translation.

If you are wanting to quit, I STRONGLY recommend you talk to your doctor 
first.  There are many things involved in such a radical change in your 
body's chemistry.  While my desire is strong, I have asthma, diabetic, 
depressions, ect.  It is sometimes not advised to quit for different 

If you are thinking of quitting, I'm MOST HAPPY to show you support.. I can 
use all I can get too..

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