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Title:     OALD on CD-ROM
Date:      Sat Feb 20 14:15:55 1999

I was lucky enough to get this CR-ROM... it's Oxford Advanced Learner's 
Dictionary. I can strongly recommend it to you. It's a fantastic and powerful 
tool if you're doing a language research, studying complicated materials or 
anything, where you have to use a dictionary quite often. 

The main part of this programme is the dictionary, of course :-) They use the 
same system as they do in the paper version. Click on pronunciation... you 
get it (niiice English :-), click on any word or abbr in the text... you get 
the meaning instantly. Idioms, phrasal verbs... whatever you want.

There is a picture section too.... intersection, school, street, human body, 
whatever... just move your cursor on the part which is interesting for you :-)

The CD-ROM also includes maps... all the countries with their capitals. 

Then, there is a large appendices section. Here, you can look at basic grammar 
rules, punctuation, chemical elements chart, just anything :-)

And... the last thing you can do is to play language games. This is my 
favourite part... VERY challenging. 

All in all, this is the best way how to spend CZK 1,800. It's WORTH it.

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