Posted By: Sheri (New Board: ForeignJobs) on 'English'
Title:     do you often wonder
Date:      Thu Feb 10 18:06:36 2000

if they heard you right, if they understood what you said?

It doesn't take a language difference to have that problem.  I can be standing 
in front of someone and saying something and it's like they never even heard 
me.  Now, what I'm saying can't be boring ALL the time (much like this post 
;-) ), can it?

While a child, we expect them to not hear, not listen cause they have so many 
things going in their minds.

Of course the deaf have somewhat a valid reason if they haven't learned how to 
read lips and I don't know that much sign language.

Example of what I'm saying:

Hello, this is Sheri's Web, Sheri speaking... 
Hello, may I talk with Sheri Snow please?

Go figure they have already heard who I am.. were they truly listening?
99% of those people are ones trying to sell my shop something.

Does anyone find this annoying in whatever language you are talking?

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