Posted By: Dzon (-=*>UNIVERSE<*=-) on 'English'
Title:     snailing mailing :)
Date:      Sun Oct 15 14:53:53 1995

Hello there,
My friend is lookin' 4 several postal adresses 4 her & her friends.
She cannot reach Internet. I really dunno her real reasons of that,
she told me she needs to improve her english ;-)
So if you wanna meet new pen-friend and you will be patient of her (or his, Im 
talking about more ppl :) english (as of mine ;-), let me ya postal address 
here (in my local mailbox, I read boards very rarely)

She's 17 (and her friends will be about 17, too, I guess :)

I can just promise to give her the addresses, ev'rything other is on her (her 

Long NET live!


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