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Title:     Re: vi a zavorkyy
Date:      Thu Nov  9 21:09:17 2006

> abych mel jistotu, ze to spelluju spravne  Nejak podezrele uz je mi jen to,
> ze
> MatchParen  vim take nezna (ani jako prikaz, ani v helpu)...
> snake 

Highlighting matching parens                    *matchparen*

The functionality mentioned here is a |standard-plugin|.
This plugin is only available if 'compatible' is not set.

You can avoid loading this plugin by setting the "loaded_matchparen" variable: 

        :let loaded_matchparen = 1

The plugin installs CursorMoved autocommands to redefine the match

To disable the plugin after it was loaded use this command: >


And to enable it again: >


The highlighting used is MatchParen.  You can specify different colors with
the ":highlight" command.  Example: >

        :hi MatchParen ctermbg=blue guibg=lightblue

The characters to be matched come from the 'matchpairs' option.  You can
change the value to highlight different matches.  Note that not everything is
possible.  For example, you can't highlight single or double quotes, because
the start and end are equal.
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