Posted By: Callidor (Miros) on 'CZtopten'
Title:     moje hity
Date:      Thu Nov  7 11:16:54 1996

Cau tak jsem se rozhodl, ze sem lupnu taky nejaky svy hity ;-)

1.Helloween: "I want out"
2.Sacred Warrior: "Mad man"
3.Mortification: "Scrolls of the Megilloth"
4.Metallica: "Until it sleeps"
5.Whitecross: "No second chances"
6.Deliverance: "If we faint not"
7.Tourniquet: "Tears of Korah"
8.Petra: "Creed"
9.Believer: "Dimensions"
10.Vengeance rising: "Released upon the Earth"

Tak to je neco malo....;-)


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