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Title:     Ktery OS je lepsi?
Date:      Mon Jan 22 09:08:47 1996

jiste nikdo nebude tvrit,ze win95,ze ?

Davam sem nejake info o OS/ sice v anglictine(a taky by mela byt s pis na 
TopTen),ale rad bych se k tomu vyjadroval cesky ;-))))
OS/2 Warp: the next generation

At the core of the 1996 product plan is the next version of the OS/2 Warp 
client, code-named Merlin. IBM plans to significantly enhance OS/2
Warp's user interface to be easier and more intuitive. As part of IBM's plans 
for network-centric computing, the Merlin interface will be network
aware, making connections automatically as the user needs them. Merlin will 
offer improved multimedia and game capabilities, enhanced
plug-and-play features, and an updated BonusPak. It will include the Upgrade 
Advisor, a utility in the Just Add OS/2 Warp kit which simplifies
the installation process. 

For corporate users, Merlin will offer C-2 security extensions and improved 
input/output queue performance. It will include the Developer API
Extensions to make it easier for software developers to write Windows 95 and 
OS/2 Warp applications simultaneously. It will also feature
integrated OpenDoc runtime support, which will enable developers to start 
using OpenDoc components in their applications and give users the
ability to embed OLE 2.0 information in OS/2 Warp documents. 

Another focus of the 1996 product strategy will be the IBM Microkernel and 
microkernel-based versions of OS/2 Warp. Nearly 20 corporations,
universities and research institutes worldwide have licensed the microkernel, 
laying the foundation for a completely open microkernel standard.
IBM plans portable, microkernel-based versions of OS/2 Warp for both Intel 
and PowerPC platforms. The first portable version will be OS/2 Warp
for the PowerPC, which will ship later this year. 

Finally, on the server side, Thompson confirmed IBM's plans for a series of 
cross-platform application and enabling servers, code-named Project
Eagle. OS/2 Warp Server, currently in beta test, will be one of the base 
operating systems upon which the Eagle series is delivered. OS/2 Warp
Server is expected to ship in the first quarter of 1996, followed by 
Directory and Security Services and the SMP version of OS/2 Warp. 

"The bottom line is that 1995 has been a good year for OS/2 Warp," said 
Thompson. "And we're anticipating that the future will be even brighter
as we continue to extend and improve OS/2 Warp as the desktop client for 
connected consumers and strengthen OS/2 Warp as an advanced,
battle-tested server solution that will simplify distributed computing for 
businesses and workgroups of all sizes." 

Tak co vy na to ?
 Bye DOOM ( Petr Snajdr)
Uz jste videli tuto www ? No to je chyba !!!!! Prijemnou zabavu !!!

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