Posted By: RoboShim (ICQ #: 166 703 40) on 'CZscripts'
Title:     Re: PHP3 - jeste cosi...
Date:      Thu Nov 16 06:19:29 2000

> Zejmena by mne zajimalo, proc nefacha

*** protoze sis zase neprecet manual. Prosim te, stahni si ho na a 
trosku tam hledej, nez neco zacnes psat. 

> <?
> include("http://user:passwd@kdesi/obrazek.php3");
> ?>

*** Docetl by ses tam, ze 
Please note that both include() and require() actually pull the contents of 
the target file into the calling script file
itself; they do not call the target via HTTP or anything like that. So any 
variable set in the scope in which the inclusion
happens will be available within the included file automatically, since it 
has effectively become a part of the calling file. 

include( "" ); /* Won't work. */ 
proste vklada ciste soubor, jako bys ho vzal a pridal rucne v editoru. a 
nepriada zadny URL odkazy.

> imageCreateFromGIF("http://user:passwd@kdesi/obrazek.php3");
> hlasi, ze to nemuze otevrit.

*** hmmm, pisou, ze gif jde udelat i z URL, jde o to, jestli to umi i tim 
heslem a jestli ten tvuj obrazek.php3 skutecne vraci GIF. Chtelo by to 
prozkouset. Jestli chces pomoct, napis.


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