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Title:     Re: The Prodigy ?
Date:      Sun Apr 13 16:35:41 1997

Tak uz to viim :

New Album

Possible Release Date: Looks like some time from May 20 to June 3.
Name: The Fat of the Land
Will be released by: XL Recordings / Begger's Banquet
Please do not mail me for info on the album (unless you have some to tell me), 
as anything I know is shown here.
Possible Track List (though it will probably be completely different to what 
we're expecting):

Benny Blanco (From Da Bronx) ["Remember me, Benny Blanco from the 
from film "Carlito's Way"]
Blow Your Mind (Original Mix)
Breathe (Original Mix) [AKA Psychosomatic, featuring vocals by Keith & Maxim, 
sword sounds from 36 Chambers by Wu-Tang Clan]
Diesel Power [AKA Diesel, featuring vocals by Ultramagnetic MC Kool Keith/Dr. 
Edward (Original Mix)
Firestarter (Original Mix)
Fuel My Fire (Keith on vocals, backing vocals from Republica singer Saffron)
Funky Shit (Original Mix) ["Oh my god, that's the funky shit" taken 
from Rootdown
by The Beastie Boys]
Kick It In
Minefields (Headrock Beats)
Minefields (Original Mix)
Minefields (Monkey Mafia Mix)
Molotov Bitch (Original Mix) [AKA Come Correct]
Rock 'n' Roll (Original Mix) [AKA Brainstormer]
Smack My Bitch Up (Original Mix) [AKA Smash My Picture Down, samples at 
beginning from the music to films "Total
Recall" and "Under Siege 2", featuring ethnic
Indian female vocal Sheila Chandra (Middle Eastern artiste)]
The Trick
We Came Here (Original Mix)
We Eat Rhythm (Jungle Mix)
Year 2000
Untitled song featuring vocals from Skunk Anansie band member Skin (though 
this is now unlikely to appear on it).
Western Sun [AKA Mantra, Your Time Has Come or Aum Namah Narayan, a song 
written in conjunction with Kula Shaker's main song writer, Crispian Mills.

Maxim's Album
Maxim is due to release a hip-hop album some time soon,
according to the NME interview with the band in the issue
of 23 March 1996. Leeroy hopes to be on the album too.

If anybody out there gets there hands on Minefields it, or even a copy, do the
decent thing and please contact so that a sample can 
be placed on the Prodigy FTP site.

Tagze si to uzijte 



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