Posted By: parik (Par~iik) on 'CZhelp'
Title:     bezpecnost Gmailu
Date:      Thu Feb 21 08:29:47 2013

tak nam v praci zacali zakazovat pouzivani gmailu pro sluzebni ucelz, ze pry 
se kolegum vedcum v zahranici stalo, ze se jejich dosud nepublikovanej clanek, 
preposilanej v attachmentu, objevil na Google scholar.

Nejsou ty lidi nejak paranoidni? Nechce se mi verit, ze by Google neco 
takovyho delal, vzdyt si nemuze ani pri svy velikosti bejt jistej, ze tam 
lidi budou dal mit mejly, kdyz pridjdou o soukromi...

Nebo jsem vedle ja?

Tady je pastnutej email na zaklade ktereho to vzniklo:

Dear all:

Due to a recent case here at the University of Goettingen that was brought to
my attention yesterday (see Case Report below), I strongly caution against
using Google Mail for sending unpublished scientific data. It is currently
unclear whether other Google services like Google Docs, Google Groups, other
Google products like Android, Jelly Bean and Chrome or cloud computing
services operated by Google pose a similar risk. Please also forward this
information to your collaborators and colleagues who you share scientific
data with. I recommend using only University servers and e-mail accounts for
storing or exchanging scientific data, or, if this is not possible, to use
powerful encryption software.


Case Report:
A member of our Faculty has recently e-mailed uncorrected proofs of a paper
in press to his co-authors. Although this person used University servers and
e-mail, one of the recipients of the e-mail had an account with Googleos
service Google Mail. Shortly after, and before the proofs had been corrected
and sent back to the journal, the authors discovered that their uncorrected
proof was freely available via Googleos service Google Scholar. A complaint
at Google revealed that Googleos Terms of Use for its Google Mail service
include a statement that Google is allowed to scan all e-mail communications
including attachments and to potentially use all e-mail content in one or
several of their services. 


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