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Title:     Re: gmo
Date:      Wed Oct 21 10:32:38 2015

> zajimal by me hodnovedne servery, na kterych lze overit/vyvratit nasledujici
> tvrzeni:
> "70 per cent of all processed foods sold in US supermarkets now containing 
> genetically modified ingredients."
> dik 
> ;

Samozrejme je otazka, co je hodnoverne.
Ale po chvilce browseni jsem nasel:

Center for Food Safety - ekobioneziskovka
"It has been estimated that upwards of 75% of processed foods on supermarket 
shelves b from soda to soup, crackers to condiments b contain genetically 
engineered ingredients."

National Geographic
"More than 60 percent of all processed foods on U.S. supermarket shelves - 
including pizza, chips, cookies, ice cream, salad dressing, corn syrup, and 
baking powder - contain ingredients from engineered soybeans, corn, or 

"Today, roughly 75 percent of U.S. processed foods - boxed cereals, 
other grain products, frozen dinners, cooking oils and more - contain 
some genetically modified, or GM, ingredients, said Stephanie Childs of the 
Grocery Manufacturers of America. 
Toto na me pusobi jako ze to tvrdi primo asociace vyrobcu potravin.

To jen aby rec nestala ...

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