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Title:     Re: proc se rika "postgres" ?
Date:      Sun Nov 24 03:33:16 2002

> > Je to legrace, co treba tohle (pominuli vyslovnost, ktera by u postgresql
> > mela 
> > byt asi postgreeskjuel, coz je hrozne dlouhe): 
> Tohle je hluboce zakoreneny myt ze SQL se vyslovuje es-kju-el, anglicky 
> mluvici to tak nikdy nereknou, spravne se to vyslovuje sikvl (s takovym tim
> w 
> a dlouhym i, jako kdyby to bylo psany seequel).
>           Jerry III
> Enough said ...

to neni myt, to je standard:

The American National Standards Institute declared that the official 
pronunciation is "es queue el." However, many database professionals have 
taken to the "slang" pronunciation sequel,that reflects the language's 
original name, Sequel, before trademark conflicts caused IBM to perpetrate 
the current moniker.
According to Jim Melton, the editor of the SQL standard, the proper 
pronunciation is "ess cue ell," and not "sequel" as is commonly heard. Jim 
also says that SQL stands for "SQL Query Language" and notes that this is a 
recursive acronym. In some early prototypes, SQL stood for "Structured Query 
Language." That is not true for the standard.
Write the letters SQL on a paper napkin and hold it up to an unsuspecting 
drinking buddy and bet him that he cannot properly pronounce the name of this 
computer language. If your buddy has been around software at all, he will 
probably say SEQUEL. Ha! You got him. The correct pronunciation is 
ess-cue-ell. SQL is an industry standard database language that was 
originally developed by IBM. An early precursor of SQL was named SEQUEL, 
which stood for Structured English QUEry Language. Before the product was 
released, however, IBM found that another company had already copyrighted the 
word SEQUEL, so they couldn't use it. It was too late to change the name 
completely, so they just chopped out the vowels and called it SQL 

jeste neco?:)
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