Posted By: znouza (ILoveSanFrancisco) on 'CZdatabases'
Title:     Re: mysql
Date:      Wed Oct 24 13:31:18 2001

> cau
> za jakych podminek dochazi k tomuhle?
> Warning: Host '' is blocked because of many connection 
> errors. Unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-hosts' in 
> /www/xxx/public_html/test/connect.php on line 2 
>                                              sartori.
> " No animals were harmed in the production of this article.
> Well, cats aren't really animals are they ? And 'harmed' is such a broad 
> term... "

dochazi k tomu v pripade prekroceni maximalniho poctu chybnych spojeni s danym 
hostem - chybne spojeni = spojeni prerusene v pulce, a tim padem nezavrene. 
pocet tehle max. spojeni je definovanej jako max_connect_errors (dava se jako 
parametr k safe_mysqld)

to preruseni spojeni muze byt napr. chybou site, ne nutne chybou software. 
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