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Title:     Re: rok 1754 v MS SQL serveru
Date:      Thu Apr 19 11:03:20 2001

The reason for the early cutoff of possible datetime values isn't mathematical 
but historical. In September 1752, Great Britain adopted the Gregorian 
calendar, which differed from the one previously used in Great Britain and 
its colonies by 12 days. The change happened on September 2, 1752, so the 
next day was September 14, 1752.

So, with 12 days lost, how can you compute dates? For example, how can you 
compute the number of days between October 12, 1492, and July 4, 1776? Do you 
include those missing 12 days? To avoid having to solve this problem, the 
original Sybase SQL Server developers decided not to allow dates before 1753. 
You can store earlier dates by using character fields, but you can't use any 
datetime functions with the earlier dates that you store in character fields.

Mam to prelozit?

          Jerry III

Enough said ...

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