Posted By: KrupickaM (Uz nesajou) on 'CZdatabases'
Title:     Re: Transaction log na Sybase ASE -- errors
Date:      Sat Apr  7 18:02:54 2001

> 00:00000:00008:2001/04/07 15:00:40.30 server  Stored procedure 
> 'sp_thresholdaction' not found. Specify owner.objectname or use sp_help to 
> check whether the object exists (sp_help may produce lots of output).
> 00:00000:00007:2001/04/07 15:00:40.08 server  Space available in the log 
> segment has fallen critically low in database 'master'.  All future 
> modifications to this database will be suspended until the log is 
> successfully dumped and space becomes available.
A jeste me napada jedna vec, vy to provozujete nad master databazi? Myslim, ze 
jsi psal, ze mas databazi jinou, cili jestli jeste neni chyba v tomhletom. 
Cili pokud to delas pres isql, na zacatku si musis use-nout databazi, do 
ktere to sypes. 

> No tak to sou ty chybovy hlasky,  
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