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Title:     Miscosofti podvod
Date:      Fri Jul  7 01:41:38 2000


jiste si vzpomenete, ze asi pred pul rokem prisem MS s nejnovejsim TPC-C 
benchmarkem, ktery mel demonstrovat pouziti MS SQL 2000 nad skutecne 
obrovskymi daty.

Nyni vyslo najevo ze MS vubec nedodrzel nektere specifikace TPC-C benchmarku, 
ktere vyzaduji nasazeni "obecne pouzitelnych mechanismu".


Compaq has been ousted from its pole position in the TPC-C transaction 
processing benchmarks in slightly humiliating fashion. 

A spokesperson for the TPC in San Jose told The Register that two Q entries 
had been disqualified for failing condition 1.6.3 of 
the benchmark. This is one of the data transparency conditions which states 
that "general purpose mechanisms" must be 
supported to access data, without the application needing to know where 
exactly it is. 

It turns out that the fault lies with SQL Server 2000 itself, rather than the 
great Stan of haircuts. 

Both of Q's benchmarks were on ProLiant 8500 series hardware running SQL 
Server 2000, and were originally passed in February. 
You can find them here ( 



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