Posted By: intuition (Mouvements du Desir) on 'CZcompMusic'
Title:     Re: Fast tracker
Date:      Tue Jul  7 13:53:45 1998

> to zalezi na zvukovce
> jestli mas sbpro tak ho k tomu proste neprimejes ani za nic
> porid si sb16 comatible cartu a melo by to jit

Mam ESS 1869 wavetable.
Mod4Win mi hraje 44khz stereo
Fast tracker ne. proc?

    I'vE NeveR BeeN So
   CoLoRFullY-See-ThrouGh-HeAd BefoRe
  I'vE NeveR BeeN So                       I I I
 WondeRFullY-mE-YoU-WanT-SomE-MorE         I I I t u i t i o n                

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