Posted By: Pez (Pez) on 'CZcompMusic'
Title:     Re: WinAmp 1.81
Date:      Fri Mar 20 10:27:41 1998

> Koukam na a je tam novy %subj%.
> The latest version includes: 
>                  More ID3 genres 
>                  Fixed dsp plug-in bug introduced in 1.8 -- they work now 
>                  New 'alternate volume setting code' that works on all
> systems 
>                  You can now set the buffering time to 0 seconds for 
> low-latency (for
>                  DSP plug-ins) 
>                  No more integer mode (it was sucky) 
>                  New quarter-sample-rate mode (sacrifice quality for lower 
> CPU usage) 
>                  New 'agressive buffering' option 
>                  Cosmetic improvements 
>                  Winamp now remembers position in last playlis 

Pokud se Vam %subj% nechce tahat z domovske stranky WinAMPu(pomala linka, 
atd.), samozrejme ze ojed stahnout z 


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