Posted By: Zovirax (TrackedMusicIsAlive!!!!!!) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     R.A.F. - new release again!
Date:      Tue Mar  5 10:58:48 1996

                  N E W   R . A . F .   R E L E A S E

I am back again - this time with a dance track. Hi-quality samples and dynamic 
music - what more would you want?

PARTY FEVER / Zovirax : 5m45s, .XM, 20 channels (I take no responsibility for
                                         what it does with your SoundBlaster)

Our music, including the lastest release, can be obtained from our Web page on or from

Let us know, what you think!
                                          Zovirax / R.A.F.


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