Posted By: demagog (saman) on 'CZTeX'
Title:     Re: Jak se prihlasit do ?
Date:      Wed Feb 17 23:54:13 1999

> Zkousel jsem posilat na adresu ruzne veci:
> napr. do subjektu: subscribe, nebo subscribe cstex, ale prispevky mi nechodi
> a 
> nechodi...
>                                   . .. . . .. .. bYE,  JUSOFT ... .. . .  


ne do subjektu, ale do zpravy napsat

subscribe cstex


Nasleduje podrobny help od tohoto automatu.

This mailing list processor supports both the Internet (listname)-request
interface and an emulation of BITNET LISTSERV (MXSERVER), providing a subset of
LISTSERV functions.

The following commands can be handled automatically through the -Request

    SUBSCRIBE           - to subscribe to a mailing list
    SIGNOFF             - to remove yourself from a mailing list
    REVIEW              - to get a list of subscribers
    QUERY               - to get the status of your entry on the list
    SET NOMAIL          - to remain on the list but not receive mail
    SET MAIL            - to reverse the NOMAIL setting
    SET CONCEAL         - to conceal yourself from REVIEW listings
    SET NOCONCEAL       - to reverse the CONCEAL setting
    SET NOREPRO         - to prevent the list from sending you your own
    SET REPRO           - to reverse the NOREPRO setting
    LIST                - to get a list of mailing lists available on this host
    HELP                - to receive a help file
    QUIT                - to terminate processing (skipping signature, etc.)

The syntax of these commands for use with the LISTSERV emulator (MXSERVER) is:

    SUBSCRIBE {list-name}
    SIGNOFF {list-name}
    REVIEW  {list-name}
    QUERY   {list-name}
    SET {list-name} [NO]MAIL
    SET {list-name} [NO]CONCEAL
    SET {list-name} [NO]REPRO

You must send your commands in the body of a mail message.  BITNET immediate
messages are not supported.  Subject lines in mail messages are ignored.

Mothly archives of mailing lists are available via gopher and anonymous ftp

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