Posted By: Suzanne (Modrasku, kuk!) on 'BeingNice'
Title:     Multi THANKS :)
Date:      Mon Jun  9 21:25:42 1997

First of all, I wanna thank to Bukino and his wife, Cry, for giving me a 
shelter for more than half a year. Next, I wanna thank to their son, Peta, 
whose sincere approach to the world has been very refreshing and surprising. 
Next person I wanna thank to is their baby daughter Vanda whose wide open eyes 
and cute face showed me that there are innocent and wonderful souls in this 

Then I thank Prcek for his willingness to play and laugh and walk and dream 
and hepl and do the craziest things in the world. I love you, my blue sun.

Last but not least - I thank to this wonderful evening in which the birds are
singing and soft scented breeze is blowing and one would like to change the 
past, the future and the course of this world, be somewhere else and make 
people happy. 

       And you want to travel with her and you want to travel blind
 And you know you can trust for she's touched your perfect body with her mind

                                    * SuE *

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