Posted By: Lissette (Nice Mexican Girl.. ;)) on 'BeingNice'
Title:     holitas salvajes!! =)
Date:      Sun Apr  7 19:50:04 1996

hello everybody!!!!!..  how are you??... well my name is Lissette Chavarria 
and I'm from Mexico .. I like have friends from all the world..  i love the 
BBS.. special this.. because it's fast and here live a lot of nice people.. =)

Here I found friends.. and I'm happy for that..  

My hobbies are talk in the BBS.. with friends in allt he world.. exhcnge 
letters postcards.. phots.. (if somebody wants exchange  postcards.. we can 
do it!!.. i have a colleconi.. and maybe i don't have from your country.. =) 

Well i hope meet a lot of people more here..  if you want meet me.. only send 
a talk!!!.. and I'll answer.. =)

*       *  ****   ****     **************************************
*       * *      *         *"Cuando mi voz calle con la muerte..*
*       *  ****   ****     * mi corazon seguira hablandote"     *
*       *      *      *    **************************************
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