Posted By: zip (Waiting for Vrnda ...) on 'BeingNice'
Title:     Hi bbs-addicts
Date:      Thu Mar 21 15:47:23 1996

 I'm here to address my thanks to the participants of today's pizzacon and to
the few others, who made me feel happy on my birthday!

  My biggest thanks go to Dropaut, Hofy, Rej, Zdenda and Emilio - because
they are those who took part in the special pizzacon.
We had fine time with the opportunity to discuss all the things, we could have
never discussed, if there were any females.

 Words of thanks also go to Sue, which gave me a birthday present, and
participated in writing of a letter for Vrnda, because she is being in
hospital at this time.

 Tons of thanks go to all those, who have sent me birthday congratulation
messages. Thanks!

 The last thank-you-a-lot is addressed to some unknown doctor, because she has
delivered the letter to Vrnda for me. I don't meet doctors willing to help
with minor affairs everyday.

                  Thanks a lot people! You are kewl!
                                         Jesus KING-SUPER STRING
                                               ^^^^ jinak zip
               Ctete vubec nekdo ty moje ....vykriky do tmy?

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