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Title:     A ted neco jineho nez jen FAQ
Date:      Thu Dec 21 11:51:40 1995

 You can get Figlet and fonts from:

   o  FTP Sites:

                Official Figlet Site 
      ->  Host:
          Path: pub/figlet

                Scarecrow's ASCII Art FTP 
      ->  Host:
          Path: pub/Scarecrow/Figlet
                Has Figlet, utilities, and all the fonts I've found.
                Also accessible through the Scarecrow's Gopher site.

                AARNET FTP Site 
      ->  Host:
          Path: graphics/graphics/misc/figlet
                Figlet only.

                UWA FTP Site 
      ->  Host:
          Path: pub/user-supported/figlet
                Fonts only.

                IO FTP Site 
      ->  Host:
          Path: pub/apple2/16bit/GNO/Figlet

   Depending on where you get Figlet and-or Figlet fonts from, you may have to
uudecode, uncompress, and possibly untar them.  For how to do this, see
Question 20.

   o  Figlet WWW Server:

                Figlet Server 
       ->  URL:

   o  Figlet Mail Server:

    -> Address:
       Message: HELP

   o  Figlet WWW Home Page:

                Figlet Home Page 
       ->  URL:

   o  Figlet Mailing List:

    -> Address:
       Message: SUBSCRIBE FIGLET-L
                Receive new fonts, software update notices, as well as chat
                about Figlet.  It's run by Ian Chai.

 Bye DOOM ( Petr Snajdr)
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